E.J. Cruz Health Care Consulting Services Approach

Service Approach

Management Services Used to Analyze Health Systems Gaps

Assessment of Executive Commitment

  • Organizational consensus and alignment of vision, mission and values
  • Strategic plan goals and objectives
  • Assess evidence of clinician commitment to strategic plan
  • Resources and infrastructure readiness

Leadership/Staff Engagement in Safety and Improvement

  • CUSP leadership rounding
  • Event filing
  • Clinical supervision & oversite of employee relations (employee satisfaction)
  • Policies and procedure supervision and follow through
  • Analysis of administrative data

Safety Gap Analysis

  • Review, aggregate and trend patient safety event reports
  • Review, aggregate and trend autopsies, morbidity and mortality
  • Query of devices i.e. smart pumps, barcoding for medication administration, triggers, EMR, chart review, direct process observation

Risk identification and Analysis

  • Review, aggregate and trend Risk Management Malpractice claims

Assessment of Cultural Adaptation

  • Assess patient safety surveys

Data Management and Systems Design

  • Clinical platform
  • Data retrieval process and data availability

Human Factors Analysis

  • “Human Factors Engineering Checklist” - Mitigate Risk through Systems Thinking and Re-Design
  • “Mistake Proofing Red Flag Conditions”
  • “Effective Mistake-proofing for healthcare: Principles & Techniques for Sustained Improvement”

Strategies Used to Mitigate Clinical Health System Gaps


Improvement and Safety Priority

Decision Support for Determining Improvement and Safety Project Priority
  • Team Charter Development with Supporting Data
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Priority Setting Tool Use

Improvement and Safety Team Approach

Decision Support for Determining Improvement and Safety Project Approach
  • Improvement Approach Table
  • Project Approach Matrix

Improvement and Safety Team Services

  • Kaizen Event
  • Process Improvement Team
  • LEAN
  • 5S
  • RCA