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About Edna J. Cruz

About Edna J. Cruz

Ms. Cruz earned her master’s degree in Health Systems Management from George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia where she earned entry to Phi Beta Delta, an honor society that resulted in an academic placement at Oxford University, England. There she studied Health Economics, Health Delivery Systems, Health Risk Assessment and use of Quality of Life Tools. She also earned a Quality Improvement and Outcomes Management Graduate Certificate in this field.

Ms. Cruz is a registered nurse with 30+ years’ experience in the health care industry. Her career spans complimentary health disciplines with certifications as a Professional in Health Care Quality (CPHQ) and Patient Safety (CPPS), Rehabilitation Nurse (CRRN), and as a Case Manager (CCM). She served her country as a flight nurse through the U.S. Air Force Reserve and retired from the South Texas Veterans Health Care System in San Antonio where she worked to improve system-wide processes and outcomes.

She is presently consulting to improve processes and to impact the clinical, satisfaction and cost outcomes through the Clinical Safety and Effectiveness Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. She also consults to Pfizer Pharmaceutical through the Independent Grants for Learning & Change, a global healthcare community that improves patient outcomes, where she reviews high value proposals to assess their potential for clinically sound, patient acceptable, and sustainable safe improvement that is evidence based and cost effective. Her consulting practice also includes the Bexar County Translational Advisory Board and Alliance, a partnership between ReACH (Research to Advance Community Health) & AHEC both of whom seek to improve the health and wellness of the our community.

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